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Simplicity Facilitates Magnetic Component Design


Latest Generation Of 3D Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis Software With Breakthrough Simplicity Facilitates Magnetic Component Design

by Peter Markowski, Envelope Power, Ansonia, Conn.

Finite element analysis (FEA) software is a great tool for simulating electromagnetic fields in chokes and transformers, allowing accurate computation of the spatial distribution of the current, flux density, associated losses and resulting temperature rise as well as the impact of the magnetic component on the efficiency of the converter. By manipulating dimensions and geometrical arrangements we can arrive at the most compact, efficient and lowest-cost structure. Unfortunately, 3D FEA software gained the …

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New article about inductive noise problems


3D FEA Software Solves Tough Inductive Noise Problems
by Peter Markowski, Envelope Power, Ansonia, Conn.
A previous article on 3D electromagnetic finite element analysis (FEA) software explained how a new generation
of these tools, which includes EMS from EMworks, can be used for optimization of high-frequency transformer
design (see the reference.) In this article, I would like to show how the same software can help to solve difficult
layout problems in electronics, especially power electronics.
Switched-mode power supplies are notorious for hard-to-eliminate noise problems simply because we cannot
completely avoid proximity of high-power switching circuits and sensitive controls. Good engineering practices
such as minimizing high-frequency current loops and voltage surfaces, perpendicular arrangement of potential
source-target sets and using large copper planes for shielding are naturally a must. But without any way of
quantifying problematic phenomena it is impossible to know if we are pushing our luck and if we did the best we
could within the given constraints. In the end, we have to make a choice between unnecessarily conservative
designs and risking costly, time consuming (and stressful!) fixing of prototypes.

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